Wascana Park is one of the few places in Regina with a name of First Nations or Metis origins. (Don Healy, Regina Leader-Post)


Anyone can submit a name for a street or park in Regina.

The Civic Naming Committee meets to review recommendations every three months or so. If the name meets the city's criteria, it goes on a list from which developers choose. To be eligible, a person must have resided in Regina for 10 years or more and have contributed to the community by:

* Being an elected government official for at least two terms;

  1. *Serving as a member of a public board;

  2. *Volunteering for community organizations;

  3. *Making a significant contribution to Regina in a variety of fields; or

  4. *Contributing to the development of Regina as a pioneer between 1882 and 1903.

Some people are eligible even if they haven't resided in Regina for 10 years:

  1. *Saskatchewan First Nations or Metis leaders who fall into one of the above categories;

  2. *Late mayors or city councillors who served at least six years;

* Canadian prime ministers elected while representing Saskatchewan;

* Aboriginal people who historically called the Regina Plains home; and

* Former Saskatchewan premiers.

The committee also considers a number of other recommendations, like:

  1. *British monarchy or royal family references;

  2. *Saskatchewan references, like historic events, ecological elements and communities;

* Local recipients of civilian medals for acts of bravery and courage; and

* First responders who have risked their lives to help others.

Explore the origins of Regina’s street and park names. Click on the red dots for information. The information provided is as complete as possible provided the City of Regina’s database, and the limitations of the map locator. Note that streets and parks that share the same name origin only appear once on the map. This map was created using the StreetWhere You Live List created by the city. Contains information licensed under the Open Government License – City of Regina.