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More than a mushroom

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I am an assignment producer at CBC Saskatchewan. Learn more on the About Me page.

Below you’ll find features that I had a hand in editing and/or packaging.

Sask. folk singer who played with the greats helped connect Indigenous kids to their culture

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Leap of Faith

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Spent the day at CBC Manitoba in a mental health in the workplace course. I am thankful CBC supports such education. As someone who is in a leadership position at CBC, I find it critical to learn how to best to identify the symptoms of poor mental health/illness in myself and my colleagues, how to create a welcoming environment for them to approach me with concerns, and how best to help them. As the course instructs, mental illness is not character flaw but just that — an illness. And in a work environment, poor mental health affects more than the person experiencing it directly. We all have something to gain from reducing stigma and being as supportive as possible.

I had a fulfilling two days at CBC headquarters in Toronto taking part in a leadership course. As someone who is relatively new to a leadership position, I found it helpful to hear from and brainstorm with colleagues from various departments across the country. Takeaway: Great leadership is hard, but it’s learnable!

New lens on life

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