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'Variety is the spice of life': As Regina diversifies, so does its ethnic food scene

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I am an assignment producer at CBC Saskatchewan. Learn more on the About Me page.

Below you’ll find features that I had a hand in editing and/or packaging.

Series on relationships, dating and sex in saskatchewan

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More than a mushroom

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I am elated to announce that a handful of projects I oversaw as part of the digital storytelling initiative I'm leading at CBC Saskatchewan have been shortlisted for Radio Television Digital News Association awards. In some cases, the online piece has been recognized; in others, the radio treatment. I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to take on such a creative, fun role, and for everyone who has embraced the project so wholeheartedly. It's my colleagues' ideas, journalistic talent, commitment and openness to this project that has made it such a success so far.

The nominations:
- New Lens on Life
- 'Who's the mother?': Two new dads embrace parenthood after surrogate birth
- Street Warriors
- 'It's my Christmas miracle': Woman finds birth mother 64 years after adoption
- Avoiding the 'unrealistic bubble': How to support a child through suffering
- "Meet the Riders" series

On top of that, our breaking news coverage the night of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, for which I was the assignment producer, has been nominated for an award. I cannot say enough about the reporting efforts of my colleagues who worked with me that evening.

Sask. folk singer who played with the greats helped connect Indigenous kids to their culture

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