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Access to abortion pill in Sask. unclear

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I am a copy editor at CBC Saskatchewan. Find out more on the About Me page.

Below you’ll find features that I had a hand in editing and packaging.

Saskatoon cop-turned-lawyer, Ironman now facing greatest challenge yet: cancer

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How restaurants paved the way for immigrant families in Saskatchewan

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I tried my hand at Shorthand, an interactive web interface creator, for the first time with the investigative piece “The China Connection.” I was behind the webpage design and editing for the feature.

I created an advent calendar of grammar tips for my colleagues at CBC. Check it out here.

Today I began a new job at CBC Saskatchewan in Regina as a copy editor. I will be editing digital content coming out of both the Regina and Saskatoon newsrooms, as well as working closely with reporters on developing their writing. I am excited about this job as it focuses on writing — my favourite aspect of journalism — as well as getting the opportunity to mould this new position as part of CBC’s increased focus on its digital offerings. I am also incredibly eager to be joining a team of this calibre, and thank CBC-ers for the warm welcome.

4 Indigenous people share why they won't be singing O Canada on July 1

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