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Emails show Sask. minister acted to 'get around the rules' in hiring

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I am an assignment producer at CBC Saskatchewan. Find out more on the About Me page.

Below you’ll find features that I had a hand in editing and packaging.

Former Sask. government official says he was told to use private email for sensitive topics

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Newly revealed proposed government land deal echoes GTH scandal

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I'm excited to be starting a new job at CBC Saskatchewan today. After a year with CBC, I'm sliding into the assignment producer role. For those who aren't aware, there are three assignment producers who help guide the editorial direction of the bureau for the day, deciding what stories we're covering, who's doing that, and how we're accomplishing it on the web, radio, TV and social media. We're also involved in helping out with radio content and long-term planning.

I'm looking forward to diving more into the broadcast side of things, while continuing to focus on our digital content and delivering the most important stories to readers/listeners/watchers every day.

I tried my hand at Shorthand, an interactive web interface creator, for the first time with the investigative piece “The China Connection.” I was behind the webpage design and editing for the feature.

I created an advent calendar of grammar tips for my colleagues at CBC. Check it out here.

From photography to knitted baskets: women comfort others in wake of perinatal death

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